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“Hello, I’m Quatuor and I know that a healthy and inspirational environment allows both business and people to thrive.”

Boulevard Baudouin 30
1000 Brussels - Belgium

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“Big or small, I have all the space you’ll need.”

Our new spaces are inspiring and multifunctional environments, offering spaces to focus, collaborate, host events, work out, relax, grab a drink or enjoy a nice meal.

  1. Meeting Rooms
    Meeting rooms
  2. Co Working
    Silversquare coworking space
  3. Office Space
    Office spaces
Sq North
Sq North P1217424 Low
Marthehoet Stephanie 175 Quatuorproject
SQ Auditoire
Marthehoet Stephanie 264 Quatuorproject
SQ North

“You are as important to me as the work you do.”

Today work life balance is on top of our minds. Forward-thinking businesses and organizations know that creating an enjoyable and efficient workspace creates happy and productive employees.

This is the heart of the QUATUOR philosophy.

  • Restaurants
    Brasserie The Chairman
  • Drink
    Piano bar
  • Fitness
  • Shower Lockers
    Showers & lockers
  • Garden Terraces
    Garden & terrace
Quatuor The Piano
Bri 7304
Quatuor The Cloud
Befimmo Quatuor Building Ext
Bri 7294
Befimmo Quatuor B Restaurant Compagnons 7296
Bri 7299
Garden Quatuor Brussels

“I let you travel the way you prefer.”

Bike and car sharing facilities – two more facets of the new way in which people want to live and work – are available all around, as well as the presence of numerous cycle paths. The building is also located close to several metro, tram and bus stops and the North Station is nearby.

For those who prefer to come by car, Quatuor is situated on the Brussels inner ring road, with the extensive national and international motorway network directly accessible.

You will get there with exceptional ease whichever mode of transport you choose. And that’s when the Quatuor experience, the ultimate work-life balance, comes in.

bike parkings
7 min
walking to the train station
car parkings with electric plugins
20 m
Metro, bus and tram stops

“I know all the best places to have fun.”

A place and neighbourhood that are constantly buzzing with energy.

When offices hours end, Quatuor and its vibrant neighbourhood are in full swing. Fancy dinner or a drink? Look no further. The evening is young and Quatuor’s neighbourhood is humming with electricity. It is surrounded by great culture and food. When offices hours end, Quatuor and its vibrant neighbourhood are in full swing.

Sound Off

“I am SMART and provide a high level user experience.”

Sound Off

Designed for well-being and the environment


The specifications of Quatuor reflect the high standards of its owner Befimmo. From the very start of the design phase of Quatuor, everything has been thought to protect our valuable environment. This results in a BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ in the design stage for the entire site, a certification which takes into account the entire lifecycle of a building with a specific attention to the well-being of its occupants.

Thermal Insulation
Effective thermal insulation and triple glazing
Solar panels on the roof and facades
Led Lighting
LED lighting
Rainwater recovery and low water consuming equipment

The building in details

The Bank The Cloud The Host The Piano

The Bank

  • 18 floors
  • Total m²: 22,682 m²
  • 22,193 m² offices
  • 489 m² commercial groundfloor
  • 118 parkings

Fully let by Beobank

The Piano

  • 9 floors
  • Total m²: 11,952 m²
  • 11,254 m² offices
  • 698 m² commercial groundfloor
  • 59 parkings

1,925 m²

of office space available
The remaining surfaces are occupied by Brasserie, Q-Health Club and BUY WAY SERVICES.

The Cloud

  • 14 floors
  • Total m²: 16,983 m²
  • 16,887 m² offices
  • 96 m² commercial groundfloor
  • 88 parkings

6,900 m²

of office space available
Touring will partially occupy The Cloud

The Host

  • 5 floors
  • Total m²: 9,996 m²
  • 9,435 m² offices
  • 561 m² commercial groundfloor
  • 49 parking spots
  • 8,000 m² coworking space by Silversquare

2,148 m²

of office space available


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